Motivated by the plight of neglect, abandonment and desperation of children and abused mothers in their community, Huis Ebenhaeser was founded in 1981 by Johnny and Soekie Thomas converting their home into a refuge and safe haven.

Huis Ebenhaeser was formed as a faith-based non profit organization to provide a safe and stable home for children who have been neglected, abandoned, abused or caught up in family turmoil.

Today, Huis Ebenhaeser does more than just house these children.  We ensure that they get good medical care, nourishing food, proper clothes, and an education.  We give them counseling, lots of love, attention, and a positive lifestyle. 

But the most important thing we give them is hope.  


Many of the children who come to the Huis Ebenhaeser have little or no religious background. We provide an environment that puts an emphasis on spirituality, and as a faith-based organization, we encourage children to attend Church. We also encourage family and personal devotions, with the ultimate goal of bringing Jesus Christ into these children’s lives.

Church programs include Sunday School, church choir, Sunday morning worship and youth meetings.





Many of the children who come to Huis Ebenhaeser are behind in schooling because of truancy and difficulties maintaining a productive schedule in their family home. Children are given the opportunity to attend school where they can catch up on their studies and keep up with activities and classes appropriate for their age.

The children are given the opportunity to participate in school sports, music and drama. For many, this opens up a whole new world!


For over 31 years, Huis Ebenhaeser  has been making a difference in the lives of children who have been abused, abandoned, neglected and considered to be “throwaways” of society.

Huis Ebenhaeser is a place where children from all ethnic and social backgrounds can grow and learn to love and trust. At our home, the parents serve as positive role models, fostering an atmosphere that encourages children to grow and become a part of a family. The family shares chores, participates in Bible study, and also has plenty of time to have fun together. We have created this climate of unconditional love so that these children can have a stable home life.

Huis Ebenhaeser is not supported by government funding so we rely solely on our donors and volunteers to help us fulfill our mission.

Please visit our Donate page to find out how you can help these children!